Kevin Lenaghan

Kevin Lenaghan was born in Washington, DC and grew up on the Jersey Shore. When he was growing up, Kevin excelled at math and music and played classical and jazz piano. He exhibited an early entrepreneurial streak by starting a company called “Kevin at the Keys”, where he marketed his piano performance capabilities. Kevin regularly performed throughout high school and the first few years at college at restaurants, jazz clubs, weddings and other events. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, studying Economics and Finance at the Wharton School, with a minor in Music History.

Kevin co-founded Ivy Academy LLC in early 2020 and the firm has two primary divisions: admissions counseling (the inspiration for the company name) and investment advisory.

The admissions counseling side is primarily overseen by Kevin’s partner and co-founder. Ivy Academy primarily works with accomplished and ambitious Chinese students who are applying to universities and graduate programs in the US. The firm provides high-touch, bespoke consulting services to guide our clients through all aspects of the admissions process. Importantly, Ivy Academy emphasize excellence and integrity at all times, while pushing our students to improve themselves, explore their passions, and target optimal schools. This approach should pay future dividends and result in better admissions outcomes.